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    A cutting edge, fully custumizable API solution that is built once and can be implemented and configured across the platforms your company deploys.

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  • Introducing MessageMedia

    MessageMedia is Sinch's all-in-one, stand alone messaging solution. Featuring free trials, affordable pricing tiers, and dozens of out-of-box integrations, see how MessageMedia can improve your reach like never before!

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Exponential Reach. Rapid Deployment. At Your Fingertips!

Increasingly, businesses are upgrading their email and perhaps more rudimentary SMS systems with full 2-way conversational messaging. As the largest mode of communication on the planet, SMS is a quick and easy way to improve support, increase engagement and reach, and much, much more. But where do you start? What messaging channel is best for your company? Do you need a simple plugin, or a full-fledged stand-alone solution? Find your answers below as you explore all the options that we have to offer through our partner!

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The Power of SMS

Text messaging is by far the most popular mode of communication utilized today, with countless texts sent and read on a daily basis. From SMS to WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger, text connects the lives of the majority of the world's population. Failure to tap into this vast pool of potential customers is like sleeping on a bed of gold ingots - a waste! 

8.4 Trillion text messages are sent per year

Text messages feature a 98% open rate

36% of customers prefer business communication via text - more than any other channel

80% of customers respond to texts within 5 minutes

Feature Loaded

1 and 2-way SMS

Be it one-way notifications or two-way conversations, all SMS communications are supported.

Number Masking

If necessary, phone numbers can be masked to protect user privacy and provide ease of mind.

Local Numbers

Sinch provides access to a secure, rigorously tested database of virtual local numbers and short codes.

Smart Routing

Sinch's routing engine prioritizes for both cost and speed of message delivery to suit your every need!

SMS Fallback

Ensure critical messages always get delivered with failover to SMS. Keep your channels backed up!

Brand Customization

You can use your brand as the sender name for messages, and can even include URLs to drive traffic to your website.

And much more!

Products For Every Use-Case

Sinch MessageMedia

MessageMedia is Sinch's groundbreaking, standalone messaging solution. Explore how MessageMedia is the cost-effective solution you need to unlock the power of messaging!



Industry leading infrastructure, a robust platform and local numbers with area-specific codes make integrating with Sinch's API a total cinch!

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Short Codes

Save upwards of 20% over your current SMS carrier rates by moving to Sinch. Click the button below to learn more and start saving!

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