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Recognizable numbers. Incredible savings. From full campaigns to simple messaging, see how Sinch's short codes can transform how your company does SMS.

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Short codes are far more memorable than long numbers, and when used effectively they can become a key part of your brand. Set up automated SMS campaigns and connect with customers 24/7 with Sinch's short codes!

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Unique short code

You can get a short code that's unique to your business, increasing both engagement and brand recognition!



Sinch's SMS Short Code API can be used for automatic responses and actions, saving your employees from needless busiwork. Let the software do the work for you!

FTEU (free to end user) for SMS

By paying for any messages sent to you, you can remove another obstacle between you and your customers, making reaching a greater audience easier than ever!

STD (standard rate MO) short codes

For markets where FTEU short codes don't exisit, standard codes can be used, letting your customers pay to send your company messages.


What's a short code?

Short codes are special numbers that are shorter than normal long telephone numbers. They are designed for high-throughput, two-way messaging. They are network specific access codes used for sending and receiving both SMS and MMS. These short codes usually consist of three to eight digits, varying by country.

What's the difference between regular long numbers and short codes?

The biggest difference is that long numbers were designed for P2P messages and a low throughput of messages, while short codes were designed for A2P bulk and higher throughput messaging. This is via a preapproved route, eliminating filtering.

What are short codes useful for?

Short codes are more easily recognized, menaing customers are more likely to get in touch. They also help to lower costs in high-output situations, such as mass automated campaigns, leading to higher profit margins and more opportunities to invest in companies' customer experience.

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