• Sinch Chatlayer

    Cutting-edge Conversational AI technology, 

    optimized for  the contact center

The Ultimate Customer Experience

24/7 customer connections. End-to-end integrations. Multiple channels. Bring your contact center into the future with Sinch Chatlayer! See how utilizing smart chatbots and voice bots can wow customers and increase engagement, all while reducing costs.

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Reach more customers than ever before by putting your chat or voice bot in all of the most popular available channels. From WhatsApp to Instagram, Chatlayer can do it all.

End-to-end Integrations

The Chatlayer platform seamlessly integrates with every major CRM and contact center solution, providing unmatched ease of use and intuitiveness. 


Chatlayer utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP), enabling your bot to communicate with customers in dozens of languages across the channels of your choice!


Personalize and empower your bots with the latest and greatest AI learning, giving your customers a more genuine experience while saving your agents time!

The Power of Conversational AI

Artificial Intelligence has never been more prevalent. See how your contact center can benefit from this rapidly advancing tech!

Automated Customer Service

Sinch Chatlayer brings a whole new level of service automation to your operations. Augment your contact center by filtering out the simpler requests, allowing your agents to focus on the most pressing issues!

24/7 Personalized Conversations

Reach all of your customers everywhere all at once! Unlike live agents, chat and voice bots work 24/7/365. As the learning and personalization of AI continues to evolve, so the strength of your brand image and outreach will also increase labor-free.

Long Term Savings

Self-service has already been proven to both empower customers and control contact center costs. By implementing conversational AI, you will not only see an uptick in customer happiness but a decrease in the amount of agent time necessary to produce the ultimate CX.

Your Implementors of Choice

With extensive bot implementation experience, Covington can easily get you off the ground with Sinch Chatlayer. Get in touch with us today! Just fill out the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.