•  Migrating SAP Contact Center (BCM)  to Sinch Contact Pro 

    Solutions for Current SAP Contact Center or BCM users

New Tech, No Problem!

Make your migration to Sinch a smooth and painless endeavor with our SAP Contact Center to Sinch Contact Pro solutions. With years of experience in the field, see why Covington should be your integrator of choice to help you through the transition!

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Successful Migrations


Plan To Succeed

Use our proven project templates and accelerators to jump start the project and ensure success!


Sinch Contact Pro
Cloud Edition

Migrating from previous versions of on-premise SAP BCM or Contact Center to the Sinch Public Cloud requires careful planning to ensure mapping to the correct features and configurations.


Sinch Contact Pro
On Premise Edition

On-premise migrations, while generally straightforward, usually should be performed alongside an OS/SQL upgrade. If also moving from CDT to the Communication Panel, we have a checklist of everything you need to consider.

Why Make the Move?

Sinch is the world's largest customer engagement platform, with over 700B engagements every year. By choosing Sinch to power your contact center, you can be certain that your resources will be maximized and your contact center optimized!

Sinch Chatlayer

Sinch Chatlayer offers cutting edge voice and chat bots to enhance your CX even further. Covington can develop and integrate these features into your Contact Center as you migrate.

IVR Integrations and Development

We can take your existing IVRs and integrate them into Contact Pro. Additionally, we can customize and develop them to suit the particular needs your customers are looking for.

Multiple Channels

Expand your presence, reach and customer experience by bringing every possible channel into one cohesive contact center.

Sinch Contact Pro Integration

We can easily integrate your new Sinch Contact Pro software into your current systems, streamlining your contact center operations.

Managed 24/7 Support

Application Managed Support plans will ensure all your upgrades run problem-free post-migration.

All Your Solutions, One Upgrade

Software migrations can be a great opportunity to invest into the future of your CX. We offer numerous product and solution packages designed to unlock the full potential of your contact center!

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