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Sinch Contact Pro is the most comprehensive contact center solution on the market, and as Sinch partners and Contact Pro specialists, Covington is uniquely positioned to help you unlock Contact Pro's full potential!

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Legacy Contact Center, Revamped


Omnichannel Perfected

Gone are the days of clicking through multiple screens and interfaces. Agents just use a single tool to manage all channels (phone, email, chat, SMS, messaging apps, and more). Watch your productivity go through the roof!



Connect your customers to the best-suited agent through contact-attached-data (CAD) and skill-based routing. This will both elevate customer happiness and build up the overall efficiency of your agent responses.


Unified Inbound & Outbound

With Contact Pro, outbound calls can be mixed with regular inbound calls during non-peak hours. Automated predictive dialing is included with this, maximizing the time-management of your agents!

Easily Integrated

Features out-of-box integration with Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, and more. Additionally, RESTful APIs and an open extension framework lets you easily integrate chatbots, CRM, and more!

Intuitive Analytics

Ensure targets and KPIs are being met with real-time reports and diagnostics. The ongoing health of your contact center has never been more assured!

Interaction History

Call logs, transcripts, survey results, and more help your agents create a view of the customer more quickly, helping reduce the average handle time and thus the amount of time your customers are on hold.

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Experience the power of Contact Pro without spending a dime! Demos can be set up easily by our trained experts, helping you gain further insights before making the investment.

Features, Features, Features

See why Contact Pro is considered best-in-class when it comes to contact center solutions! Customer engagement has never been so easy.

Package Your Solution

Sinch Contact Pro is easily integrated with other solutions and products, and Covington specializes in helping you find and implement the combination that's right for you. Save big with our easily deployable CX packages!

With Sinch Chatlayer

Sinch Chatlayer is the chat and voice bot platform of the future. Overhaul your contact center and see the results pour in by integrating Chatlayer into Contact Pro!

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With Eyedogz Dashboards

Eyedogz Dashboards are real-time, fully customizable interfaces designed by Covington to help you access the relevant information your contact center needs to operate as quickly and painlessly as possible. We can integrate these dashboards into whichever platform you deploy, helping your contact center run as painlessly and efficiently as possible!


Sinch Contact Pro Cloud Edition

Less Infrastructure, More Service

Traditional contact center solutions are quickly becoming difficult and costly to maintain, just as the related tech is rapidly evolving and advancing.

Stay ahead of the curve and revamp your contact center by choosing Contact Pro as your cloud contact center solution! Sinch Contact Pro can run completely in the cloud, eliminating costly infrastructure and maintenance while enabling your agents to provide optimal support, anywhere on the globe.

The future is right at your fingertips. Unlock the full power of your cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution today!

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Endorsed by SAP

Contact Pro is the only SAP endorsed contact center solution! It integrates easily with SAP S/4HANA, CRM, and the Service Cloud. 

Endorsed apps enhance other SAP products and are meant to deliver easy and predictable value to SAP customers, with support from SAP themselves. Contact us below for more info!