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A Short-term Investment With Long-Term Gains

Through our Covington Academy training sessions and modules, your team can gain a high degree of proficiency in Sinch Contact Pro, empowering your company to keep your IT solutions in-house. 

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For IT / Configurators

  • Installing Sinch Contact Pro On Premise 

  • SinchContact Pro IVR basics 

  • Sinch Contact Pro IVR advanced 

  • Sinch Contact Pro Customizing Masterclass 

  • Sinch On Prem to Cloud Migration 

  • Sinch On Prem Upgrading 


For End Users / Managers

  • Sinch Contact Pro for Users
  • Sinch Contact Pro for Supervisors
  • Sinch Contact Pro User Administration
  • Sinch Contact Pro Queue/Schedule Administration
  • Sinch Contact Pro Realtime and Historical Analytics

For All

  • Introduction to Sinch Contact Pro (FREE)

  • General CX 

  • General Chat / Chat bot / AI 

  • Call Center Analytics 

While our pre-recorded training modules are still in process, we also offer both online and on-premise live training from our experienced professionals. Contact us for more info or to schedule a session!

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