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Move away from on-premise contact centers and use cloud technology to transform your customer experience. Discover how to streamline and transform your contact center with greater speed, agility and accuracy through CovingtonCX!

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This is the Future

Legacy call centers are aging, infrastructure-heavy systems that only grow more costly to maintain as the years go by. On top of this, the CX expectations of the average consumer is higher than ever. 

Cloud technology is the future of the contact center. By safely running your operations from the cloud, you eliminate the costly overhead that on-premise centers bring. On top of this, your agents gain increased flexibility, enabling them to reach more customers than ever before!

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Cloud vs On-Premise Contact Centers

Moving your contact center to the cloud is a big decision. Make it an informed one by seeing the pros and cons of a traditional on-premise solution verses a cloud solution like CovingtonCX!


Your 'traditional' option, on-premise is the known quantity. You know what you get when investing in this type of solution.

However, the biggest downside that has continued to emerge is that these solutions require manual, time-consuming maintenance from your IT department. Additionally, it lacks the flexibility and reach that a cloud-based contact center can bring to your team.


Cloud-based solutions require a learning curve at the beginning, and are a new quantity in many cases. 

However, the time savings, low maintenance and the added flexibility of having a globally accessible contact center pays off in a huge way. Cloud based solutions have already become a proven boon to any company, and as consumer needs keep evolving, so too will the sophistication of your call center!

Why CovingtonCX?

Sinch Contact Pro, Cloud Edition is our customer's solution of choice for leveraging the ultimate power of a cutting-edge cloud CX product. CovingtonCX is designed for customers who want the benefits of the cloud, without the continual changes and inflexibility of a typical cloud solution. This hosted version of Sinch Contact Pro is based on the on-premise edition, and is updated annually instead of quarterly. Because we provide the whole infrastructure, we have more flexibility for any special needs or integrations you may require.
With over 15 years of experience in the field, you can rest easy knowing that your team is in skilled hands. Let us do the work for you!

Packaged with AMS

Through our cost-effective Application Managed Service plans, you can ensure the continuous improvement of your new cloud-based solution. Our trained professionals can help you continue to help you identify pain points, bringing your overall CX to the next level!

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