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    Make and receive calls with ease utilizing Sinch's innovative voice platform

Customer Outreach Expanded

Connect with new customers and expand your user experience through Sinch's voice calling platform! With cross-platform, multilingual capabilities, scale your outreach like never before.

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Cross-platform conversations

Sinch's voice API can reach customers everywhere, on any channel. PSTN, SIP and VoIP calling can be integrated to manage calls coming in through applications, web browsers, mobile phones, and more.

On top of that, Sinch's regional cloud deployments and powerful network of local operators worldwide ensures optimal call quality at an unmatchable price!

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Build your custom voice flow with Sinch:


Voice-based IVR

With speech recognition, callers can now interact with and respond to IVR prompts verbally!


Call Recording

Inbound and outbound calls can all be recorded with a simple phone call application. Meaningful customer communications has never been easier!



Sinch's multilingual text-to-speech feature turns text into audio, enabling you to reach more people than ever.


Pay as you go

Upfront payments and "hidden" expenses are a thing of the past! Pay for what you actually use, when you use it.


Number Masking

Privacy has never been more important. Protect both your business interests and your customers with active number anonymization when making voice calls.


IVR Menus

IVR systems with Sinch are easily customized, improving the performance of your call center while upgrading your customer experience.

 - and much more!


Where we come in!

 We can easily integrate Sinch's programmable voice API into whichever systems you currently deploy. Additionally, integrations are fully customized to your specifications, granting you more power over your contact center then ever before. Expand your reach issue-free with Covington!