• Agent Engagement

    Agent Engagement Solutions from Covington enable leading Agent facing applications (such as CRMs) to integrate with Cloud or Legacy Communication Systems.

Unify Your Contact Center

As software continues to evolve, the modern contact center can become a knot of different programs. As a result, agents spend more of their valuable time looking up customer information in different databases, which leads to customers being on hold longer. That's where Agent Engage solutions by Covington come in. Our solutions unify your different agent facing applications with your communication systems, helping you both save time and enhance your customer experience! 

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Agent Engage

A productized CTI adapter that has been proven to accelerate integration within your contact center. 


Flexible Integratons

Integrates with Salesforce, Sinch Contact Pro, and much more! It's the perfect adaptor to modernize and streamline your contact center.



Features built-in support
for multi-language, including translations for automatic task creation. 


Easy Support

Includes maintenance and support - when systems are upgraded, no custom development is necessary!

Why Integrate?

Customers require a more personalized, frictionless experience then ever before. In order to provide this level of customer service, your agents need to be able to access unparalleled insights the instant they receive external communication. 

This is why software integration is such a vital component in your contact center! Maximizing the abilities of your agents will in turn increase your customer retention, expanding your sales while decreasing the amount of time that gets wasted searching for relavent insights in your different systems.

Packaged with CovingtonCX

Agent Engage is included with our fully cloud-based contact center solution! Learn how you can further differentiate yourselves from your competition with CovingtonCX.

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