• Outbound Engagement 

    Reaching out to your customers is critically important to keeping them engaged. Outbound Engagement allows you to automate this process whether sending voice messages, e-mail or messaging. 

Optimize Your Outreach

Turn customer outreach into a perfect conversational storm with Outbound Engagement dialers from Covington! See how we can help you save time, automate calling and most importantly, engage more customers then ever before. 

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Completely Automated

Build out your customer experience with automated outbound communications! Save time and increase customer personalization with automated subscription renewals, appointment reminders, outages and more! 


Omnichannel Communications

Reach customers on multiple channels with Outbound Engagement! Be it email, voice, SMS or other, we can help you reach as many people as possible.


Intuitive Design

OE is designed with ease-of-use in mind! Our detailed User Interface is not only easily customizable; it's also optimized to show you all of your relevent data and metrics in a user-friendly manner.


Easily Integrated

Outbound Engagement solutions by Covington are designed to integrate easily with whichever contact center softwares you currently deploy.


Enhanced Data Management

Outbound Engagement has extensive data management and enhancement to give you the most integrated and customized experience possible. Features include pre-configured web services, event driven data triggers, DNC and cell phone scrubbing, and much more!


Real-time Notifications

Monitor your contact center engagement in real-time! From event triggered notifications to scheduled campaigns, never miss a detail again.



Our Outbound Engagement solutions can integrate with whichever on-premise contact center and knowledge base systems you currently deploy, creating a seamless experience for both your customers and your agents.



Take your contact center to the next level with our cloud-based Outbound Engagement solutions! See how our cloud-based engagement dialer can help you achieve your goals.

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Package Your Product

Save money and expand your contact center further by packaging your Outbound Engagement Dialer with some of our most well known products and solutions! Operational efficiency has never been easier.

With AMS

Let us do the work for you! Our team of experienced professionals are available to help keep your contact center solutions running with ease 24/7/365. See how our cost effective plans can give you the keys to the perfect CX!

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With Eydogz Dashboards

The perfect command center for all of your data. See how Eyedogz can help your agents gain the insights they need to succeed!


With Sinch Contact Pro

The ultimate on-premise or cloud based omnichannel contact center solution. See why Sinch Contact Pro is your solution of choice when optimizing your contact center!

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