• IVR Development & Integration

    From integrating your Interactive Voice Response system into your existing softwares, to fully personalized IVR designs implemented in the communication system of your choice, we can take your CX streamlining to the next level.

Tailored Interactions

IVRs are a modernized solution to Contact Center time-management issues. 

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Featured Integrations:


In Comm System of Choice


With Back-office Systems


With Existing Telecom Stack and PSTN


With Tokenization and Payment Vendors

Text-to-speech and Speech Recognition

Customized Configurations:

IVR Personalization 

HIPPA, PCI and other Compliance

Deliver Exceptional CX

By choosing Covington to integrate, customize and develop your Integrated Voice Response systems, you will not only increase customer retention through a more personalized experience, but you will also cut costs by reducing the the amount of time your live agents have to dedicate to customer issues. Start saving today!

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