• Contact Center Analytics

    Dive deep into what customers want in your contact center and discover how to prioritize your resources for maximum effect.

Optimize your CX with Analytical Insights

Analyzing your contact center can be a long, time-consuming process, especially if you have multiple systems to work through. That's where we come in. Through a thorough analysis of your contact center health and history, we can identify the sticking points in your processes, helping you maximize your CX potential and focus your attention on the correct areas. 

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What's Slowing You Down?

In a recent study 74% of contact center leaders said that agents take far too much time searching for relevant insights from their respective knowledge bases. This time waste leads to a decrease in productivity and an increase in customer wait times. By getting Covington analyze your operations, you can not only save money by prioritizing your agent's time, but you can also supercharge your brand image through a more customized, prioritized contact center!

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Health Check

We perform an overall health check of your Contact Center, discovering in the process how it can be more reliably integrated into your other systems!


Analytics Deep Dive

Through real time and historical reporting, we perform a deep dive into your Contact Center analytics, giving you a clear picture on what your customers are looking for and what areas of your CX you should focus your attention on.

Customize Your Reports

Take your contact center analytics even further with custom contact center reporting by Covington. Just tell us what metrics you wish to be tracked, and our team will do the rest!

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

The world is a rapidly changing landscape. As this landscape changes, so does the expectations and needs of your customers. By staying on top of the current state and welfare of your contact center, you will not only safeguard the loyalty of your existing customer base, but attract more customers from your competitors who didn't manage to keep up with the times!