• Success with Sinch

    Sinch is the world's largest customer engagement platform, 
    and Covington is your partner of choice for ensuring 
    the success of your Sinch implementation.

Industry Leading CX Solutions

Sinch is a customer communications powerhouse focused on powering meaningful conversations at scale across multiple communication channels. Enhance your customer experience, spend less time on costly maintenance, and build the contact center of the future with Sinch's groundbreaking products and solutions!

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Omni-channel Customer Service

In Contact Pro, calls, SMS, emails, and social applications are all integrated in one place, producing an unparalleled CX for both user and customer.

Sinch Contact Pro

Third-party CRM Integrations

Contact Pro is easily integrated with whatever CRM systems you currently deploy, including SAP, Salesforce, and more!

Endorsed By SAP

Sinch Contact Pro is the sole SAP-endorsed contact center solution. See why Sinch is trusted as the world's leading communications system provider.

Explore Sinch Chatlayer

More Engagement, Less Agents

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Sinch Chatlayer is a multilingual, multi-channel chat and voice bot platform designed by Sinch to optimize your outreach while improving your CX. By letting Covington integrate Chatlayer into your operations, you can expect a night and day difference in your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Sinch Voice API

Voice calling and flows are an integral part of any contact center and customer experience. Design and customize your optimal voice call flow with Sinch's flexible and fully scaleable solutions!

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SMS Solutions

Save money and reach more customers than ever before with Sinch's array of messaging products and solutions. From full applications like MessageMedia to short codes that tap into Sinch's vast global carrier network, Sinch has you covered.

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Painless Implementation

As Sinch Contact Pro specialists, full scale implementations are our specialty. By choosing Covington, you will ensure a smooth, painless and integrated transition, which will reduce long term costs and increase the performance of your contact center!
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