• Eyedogz Dashboards

    Eyedogz dashboards are fully customizable interfaces designed to streamline your 

    contact center's operations - regardless of size or complexity.

All your information, right where you want it

Gone are the days of juggling through multiple applications to access relevant data! With Eyedogz, we can bring all the data your agents need to one customized interface. Save time, headache, and best of all, money by implementing Eyedogz dashboards into your contact center.

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Real-time Data

See your contact center performance grow and evolve in real-time with Eyedogz! Your data streams are all linked into a single interface, letting you make informed decisions on the fly.


Configurable Alerts

Visual, audible and email alerts can be configured according to your preferences. Better alerts mean faster response times!


Fully Developed

Eyedogz requires zero further development on your end! All integrations and streamlining are done by our team of experts.


NO New Hardware Needed

Eyedogz dashboards run perfectly on the reporting server or application server. Zero hardware investment necessary!


Easily Integrated

Eyedogz can be easily integrated with any of the systems and applications  your contact center currently deploys! 


Rapid Deployment

Our team of experienced consultants combined with an intuitive program design ensures a rapid deployment, helping you meet your goals faster than ever.

Completely Customizable

  • Select pre-built templates or

    develop your own!

  • Choose the queues you wish to display.

  • Each dashboard can have it’s own unique configuration of data to display!

  • Smooth updates of the UI based on AJAX technology.

  • Configurable refresh settings.

    Enhance your Data Quality

    Almost 58% of organizations have issues with data quality. A lack of good data means that your agents will not have the insights they need to properly personalize customer experiences.

    Eyedogz dashboards provide a remedy for these concerns. By targeting which metrics you want tracked, and having them displayed in a user-friendly manner, you will ensure that your agents have all the information they need, right where they want it!

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