Experience effortless global SMS messaging with Sinch's API and in-depth SDKs

Global Engagement Unlocked

From alrets to pin codes to reminders to promotions, Sinch's SMS API has you covered. Existing completely in the cloud with near limitless global scaleability, explore how Sinch can transform how your company does SMS!

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Features and Benefits


Unmatched Deliverability

Featuring over 600 direct carrier connections and 100% platform uptime, quick and reliable SMS deliverability is ensured with Sinch.


Globally Scalable 

No matter what country you are sending your messages to, Sinch ensures your communications are both regulation-compliant AND secure.


Next-level Engagement 

Boasting a 98% open rate and a 90% read rate, engage your customers with almost guaranteed success.

Easily Integrated

Expert documentation, cloud-based systems and numerous available integrations makes setting up Sinch's SMS API as simple as can be. Just contact us and we can get you rapidly set up, be it with a free trial or the full product!

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Featured SMS API uses

Notifications and 

Send critical information, appointment reminders, and more that your customers will see immediately.

Conversational Engagement

Unlock real-time conversations that build and deepen connections with your customers

Identity and Verification

Send one-time passcodes quickly, reliably and securely to verify your users.