SP8 is here! FREE upgrade to AMS subscribers!


SP8 is here! FREE upgrade to AMS subscribers!

SP8 is finally here, loaded with awesome new features, and the best part is the upgrade is FREE for Covington AMS subscribers! SAP has, for the most part, moved away from a ‘release’ model to a ‘service pack’ model which typically includes a lot of new functionality previously seen in new version ‘releases’.

There’s too much to list everything, so here are just a few examples of new features, functions, and fixes. We’ll even tell you how to get your SP upgrade implemented for free!

New Features

Communications Control Widget for any application or device!

Embedded Communication Framework (ECF) is a new concept introduced with SP8 and it’s the easiest way to embed communications controls to any business application user interface (UI). The ECF Javascript widget functionality includes ability to manage user presence status, queue logon status, use contact handling controls for tickets /tasks, calls, emails and chats, view /edit contact information data, all from within your normal agent interface (SAP and non-SAP!). Omni-channel routing is supported, including screen-pop of data related to the incoming contact.

ECF diagram


Improved Functionality

CDT Improvements!

Embedded images in CDT

A picture is worth a thousand words, and now you can view embedded images in inbound e-mails in CDT. The received embedded images can also be added to the reply e-mail by clicking the Copy all to reply attachments button.


New CDT History Results Columns

New results columns have been added to help you filter CDT history and find what you need faster than ever before. When users use the history search, the subject and agent of the contact are shown on the History tab page. Full subject is revealed in tooltip window for selected line item.



Personal Contact History

SP8 also offers improved search criteria window for voice and email interactions.


Default answer templates for Chat and Email

In e-mail and chat handling views, there is a new button that adds the default reply template to the reply. Reply templates can contain freetext, html tags, and dynamic fields, and can be linked to specific a specific queue or used in multiple queues.

Windows 8.1 Support


Windows 8.1 support is added to SAP Contact Center. Communication Desktop (CDT) and Online Monitoring can be used in the Windows 8.1 Desktop mode only. If CDT or Online Monitoring is launched from Tiles, a notification appears instructing users to change to Desktop

Corrected Defects

SP8 also improves the overall user experience having corrected a list of minor defects previously affecting areas such as CDT, audio, chat, conference calls, contact allocations, contact handling, dashboards, directory, DTMF, email, history, messaging, MTD, Outbound, scripting, deskphones, recording, and reporting. Contact us for a complete list with details.

SP upgrades are FREE for AMS subscribers!

AMS_Free-Your-IT-1While Service Pack (SP) software is accessible with an active SAP support agreement, implementation typically requires contracting a solution integrator for professional services. But did you know that SAP Contact Center (CCtr/BCM) users who subscribe to application managed services (AMS) from Covington Creative get their SP implementations for FREE? Yes, FREE!

So, before you to contract a solution integrator for a one-time project, why not consider putting that same investment into 24x7x365 AMS support from Covington Creative. Packages include Break-Fix monitoring support and a bundle of monthly hours towards incident response and system changes.

Covington Creative is trusted globally and continues to hold the longest running AMS contract in North America for SAP Contact Center (formerly BCM). Enjoy peace of mind knowing your SAP contact center is in good hands, too. Click here for more details. Click here to contact us today.


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