SAP Contact Center (Previously called BCM)

Deliver stellar customer service through multiple channels using call and contact center communications software from SAP.

Engage your Customers with Superior Customer Service - through SAP Contact Center

SAP Business Communications Management, is a contact center solution that helps organizations to rapidly reach performance, quality and cost targets, especially in distributed operations.

Easy to consume and tailor to Your needs.

  • Ensure greater consistency and quality across multiple contact channels.
  • Accelerate adoption of customer service tools among experts by extending contact center functionality to their existing mobile phones and desk phones.

Best practice deployment with SAP ecosystem

  • Combine multiple sites into one manageable contact center entity.
  • Monetize Your investments through native integration with SAP CRM, ERP and BI.
  • Create end-to-end customer service processes.

Efficient to operate and adapt in real-time

  • Equip customer facing persons with data and tools that enable them to perform in customer interactions.
  • Enable operations management to adjust the customer experience to meet customer demand.

Key Solution Capabilities