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Misoprostol available canada, Buy discounted Misoprostol online


Misoprostol available canada, Buy discounted Misoprostol online

buy Misoprostol 20mcgYour customers’ time is important to them, so if they are placed into a queue to speak to one of your agents, how can you tell them, “Your call is important to us”, and say it like you mean it? How about telling them that their call and their time are so important to you that you would be happy to call them back as soon as an agent is free without losing their priority place in the queue!

SAP Contact Center (CCtr) standard and Covington-enhanced functionality can be configured to offer callers callback options if the estimated wait time is greater than a predefined threshold.

Standard CCtr Callback Functionality
Standard SAP CCtr functionality offers to call back at a less busy time. Their call-back request will be placed into a call-back queue that will be handled on a first-in-first-out basis; however, they will lose their priority place in the original queue. For example, if the estimate wait time is 15 minutes and I elect to get on a call-back list, it could be much longer than 15 minutes before I get the call-back because any new callers to the original queue who are prepared to wait will be served first. When call volume for the original queue drops and there are available agents, then the outbound calls will be initiated from the call-back queue. That is how CCtr works out of the box.

Covington Creative Enhanced Callback Functionality
Covington Creative has developed an enhancement to CCtr that allows you to offer a virtual hold to the caller. If the estimated wait time is greater than a predefined threshold, the caller will be offered to be called back and the prompt will reassure the caller that they will not lose their priority place in line. The callback will occur sooner than if they hung up and tried to call in again.

Say It Like You Mean It
So, if your customers will be placed into a queue to speak with an agent and their call and time really is important to you, say it like you mean it with Enhanced Callback functionality from Covington Creative! Contact us today for more information.

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Tim is passionate about improving processes for quality, efficiency and ultimately the bottom line. Trained in quality management systems and having led shop floor and administrative teams on the journey of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence, he is now focused exclusively on the contact center space as part of the Covington Creative team.


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