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buy Misoprostol 20mcg

Presenter: John Burton, Director Product Management at SAP Labs.

buy Misoprostol online made in americaIs your company’s call center stuck in the 1970s? Traditional button-down telephony call centers had their place, but increasingly organizations are discovering that they need to adapt to stay relevant with customers (as well as business partners). The days of offering a telephony-only call center with nine-to-five weekday business hours are long over. Today, customers expect to be able to reach your company’s service department any time, via any channel — whether it be smart phone, email, Web chat, mobile self service, or even social media. In this session attendees will learn how to leverage VoIP software like SAP BCM and social media tools like SAP Social on Demand to extend the capbilities of you SAP CRM Interaction Center. Discover how to escalate a customer issue from a front-line call center rep to a back-office service professional or remote field service agent. Find out how to quickly set up a SaaS-based social media triage team with full integration to your SAP CRM Interaction Center or back-office SAP ERP service organization.

Key Learning Points:

  • Discover how you can quickly get a cloud-based social media triage center up and running with full integration to SAP CRM and ERP
  • Find out how you can benefit from social media monitoring and sentiment analysis to monitor your brand
  • Learn how to leverage SAP BCM (or other third-party CTI software) to extend the power of your service organization with features such as instant messaging, presence, click-to-contact, and screen transfer
View session details here: buy Misoprostol online uk

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