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Cheap Misoprostol online no prescription, Generic Misoprostol without a precsriptions

Over the next few “SAP CCtr TIP” articles, we will be featuring different methods of creating and editing custom Contact Center reports so you can choose the one that works best for you. The SAP Contact Center (CCtr) Reporting application is a dynamic data warehouse for multidimensional OLAP analysis and SQL-based Datamart reporting. CCtr’s reporting architecture enables the utilization of external data warehouses for consolidated reports and opens it up for third-party report generation and visualization applications (e.g. SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports, MS Reporting Services) by supporting OLAP technology.

SAP CCtr’s out-of-the-box reports are provided with both Microsoft Reporting Services and Business Objects Web Intelligence reporting tools. Covington Creative consultants are SAP certified experts and are regular contributors to the SAP Community Network (SCN); this first article was posted by one of our SAP CCtr experts, Agur Koort, and looks at the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) tool that comes with your MS SQL Server installation.

Follow this link for the full article: buy Misoprostol 20mcg

Note: SAP Contact Center (CCtr) was formerly known as SAP Business Communications Management (BCM)

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Tim is passionate about improving processes for quality, efficiency and ultimately the bottom line. Trained in quality management systems and having led shop floor and administrative teams on the journey of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence, he is now focused exclusively on the contact center space as part of the Covington Creative team.


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