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Learn about the Benefits of an Integrated IVR


Buy discounted Misoprostol online, Misoprostol online sale without prescription

Integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) By Tim Osborn

SAP BCM is a full featured, all-IP end-to-end contact center solution that includes an integrated IVR as part of its standard offering.  An IVR is an established way to automate functionality in the telephony world, allowing callers to use a touch-tone phone to interact with a database to either retrieve or enter information.  A strategically designed IVR flow enhances the customer experience while reducing operational costs.  Applications range from simple call forwarding through automated self-service options to full ‘screen pop’ of caller identification and interaction history.

Automatic Call Handling

In its simplest form, an IVR may be implemented to handle large call volumes automatically.  A company need only publish a single service number as a single point of entry for all customers.  When customers call this number, the IVR can present a variety of options such as service language, product, or service type. This information is then used to automatically route the call to the most appropriate agent based on rules, required skills and availability.

CRM Integration for Screen Pop and Self-Service

In addition to customer IVR selections, the automatic number identification (ANI) of the caller can be compared with existing CRM data to identify existing customers, their preferences and previous interaction history.  This information is then pushed forward with the call as call attached data (CAD) and presented on the appropriate agent’s screen.  The fuller context provided by this ‘screen pop’ facilitates better first call resolution, customer satisfaction, and agent optimization.

CRM integration can also be used to automate services and/or extend service hours by offering self-service options to callers.  Typical self-service examples include tele-banking, order placement and cancellations, timetable inquiries, shipment tracking and delivery status.

SAP BCM integrates natively with SAP CRM and supports ODBC, SOAP and http/https protocols allowing easy integration to almost all third party solution databases.

Integration with 3rd Party Communication Systems

SAP BCM uses http/SOAP protocol to integrate with 3rd party SIP compliant communication systems such as speech recognition and text-to-speech.  Note that where required, SAP BCM can subordinate to existing IVR and PBX architecture.

Easy Administration

Changes to existing IVR applications can be made quickly and easily on the fly, including the addition of new menu options and updating existing voice prompts.  SAP BCM’s highly granular access control model means specific IVR responsibilities can be assigned to specific BCM users, freeing up senior IT and super users for other tasks.

Customer Experience: Enchanting

For an example of an SAP BCM IVR in action, check out this entertaining web promo video, “Customer Service A Tale of Two cities: SAP BCM for a “WOW” Customer Experience” and note the contrast between traditional and SAP BCM customer experiences.  buy Misoprostol 20mcg

For more information about SAP BCM offerings by Covington Creative and to schedule a demo, buy Misoprostol online made in america!

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