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Ordering Misoprostol online without a precription, Non prescription Misoprostol


Ordering Misoprostol online without a precription, Non prescription Misoprostol

Ordering Misoprostol online without a precription, Non prescription Misoprostol

In a previous article on Contextual Awareness, we discussed the impact of the customer experience to your bottom line and creative ways customer data is being leveraged to personalize the customer experience that is fast and easy. In this article, we discuss how the same principles can be used to predict the best proactive Outbound Engagement (OE) to improve customer loyalty, revenue and operational efficiencies in and beyond the contact center! Then, we invite you to take the 10 minute CHALLENGE!

What is Outbound Engagement (OE)?

buy Misoprostol 20mcgOutbound Engagement (OE) is all about using the information you have on file to target different demographics and groups within your customer database and business networks with timely information that is relevant and important to them. At the same time, automation and self-service options drive a better bottom line in the Contact Center by improving customer loyalty, and producing more revenue from your existing customers.

Personalized, Closed-loop, Omni-channel Communications

buy Misoprostol online made in americaLeading edge OE systems from providers like Covington Creative are omni-channel, including voice notifications, text messages, emails, and even faxes, allowing you to communicate with your customers on the channel of their choice. Notifications are automated, offering self-serve options or to connect to a live agent. Communications are closed-loop, meaning customer responses are updated in your data application (CRM, ERP, etc) in real-time.

OE allows full control to prioritize primary, secondary, and even tertiary communication channels based on customer preference. Notifications can be real-time ‘event triggered’ or scheduled per business or even customer preferences. For example, someone who works night shift sleeps in the day, and therefore might prefer OE notifications during the night, their ‘work day’. Similarly, they may prefer SMS as the priority alert channel, but if a response is not received in a certain time frame, the notification can be repeated on a different channel.

OE – Understanding a Customer’s current context

The win-win opportunities for OE are unlimited. Below are some examples to prime your thinking for the 10 minute CHALLENGE at the end.

Ensure payments are received on time

buy Misoprostol online ukInstead of waiting for payments to become past due, why not send out an automatic payment reminder while there is still time to pay and include the option to complete the transaction right then and there? Email or SMS – “Click here to complete the payment online”; Phone – “Press 1 to pay your bill now; Press 2 to discuss payment options with a live agent”.

This helps your customers be more organized, ensures regular receivables and avoids the time and expense associated with chasing overdue and delinquent accounts. By automating notifications, agents are free to deal with accounts that really need attention.

Ensure resources are always allocated to value-added or billable time

buy Misoprostol online without prescription from canadaFor service providers, automated appointment reminders are a great way to improve efficiency even beyond the contact center. For example, you dispatch the service crew and equipment across town only to find the customer forgot about the scheduled appointment and is not home. Why not send a proactive reminder the day before or morning of the appointment on the communication channel of their choice? “Reminder of your scheduled service visit tomorrow at 11:00AM. To confirm, press 1. To reschedule, press 2.”

Responses and self-serve reschedules are updated in your customer data application (CRM) real-time. This simple, automated service helps customers stay organized and ensures service resources will be fully allocated to billable time.

Inform customers to avoid spike in call volumes

info_iconMany utility companies are using OE to avoid spikes in call volumes from uninformed customers by providing advanced explanation of higher than normal utility bills. “Your energy bill is much higher than this time last year. Click here for information on making your home more energy efficient.” The advanced notification gives customers time to reflect and understand the situation instead of assuming a ‘mistake’ on their bill and flooding the call center with calls. In the meantime, agents are able to serve clients who truly need assistance.

Increase Revenue from Existing Customer Base

One way to increase revenue from your existing customer base is to present a timely upgrade offer. Examples include: an extended warranty offer in the last month of the standard 1 year warranty period; or 3 months prior to an automobile lease expiry sending information on the newest model, before they get distracted with competitor brands in the same vehicle category.

Another opportunity is to offer relevant products and service based on previous purchases. For example, if a customer recently purchased a complete set of ski equipment all made by Brand ‘x’, a follow up campaign could offer other products made by Brand ‘x’.

Reduce Liabilities and Safety Issues

buy Misoprostol online without prescriptionOE can also be used to automate relevant product notifications, such as safety recalls, and capture customer acknowledgement. This improves customer safety and reduces company liability.

Reduce Delayed Fulfillment Issues

buy Misoprostol no prescriptionDelayed orders due to part shortages and obsolescence can cause significant interruption to downstream customer processes and consumes enormous manual effort to contact the client, explain the situation and options, and coordinate revision of order and shipping schedules. OE can completely automate the process for mutual benefit to company and customer.

For example, if a part is obsolete or back-ordered, OE works with the ERP system to automatically notify the customer of the issue and offer alternative products or to cancel the specific line item altogether. The customer selection is automatically updated in the ERP system, the shipment can complete without compromising the original delivery schedule, and no manual agent intervention is required.

In the next 10 minutes…

buy real MisoprostolIn our previous article, we challenged you and your teams to identify the kind of information you need to help you anticipate the most likely reason your customers are calling and how you can use it more effectively to personalize the experience. (buy isotretinoin australia to review).

Now, how can you use this same information to predict the most appropriate proactive outbound communication?

General Automation

  • What are the top 3 manual outbound communications from your company that could be automated with an OE notification, thereby freeing up your agents to serve customers who want or need live assistance? Remember the 80/20 rule! 20% of the reasons account for 80% of the calls. Focus on the ones that will provide maximum benefit to your customers and agents.

Generate revenue from existing customer base

  • What is the current renewal rate from your existing customer base? Choose your biggest opportunity.
  • What is the typical renewal cycle for this product or service? 6 months? 2 years? 10,000 kilometers?
  • When do your customers start thinking about renewal options, and when is the most strategic time in the cycle to reach out with a special offer?

Outbound Engagement from Covington Creative

Covington Creative is a global leader in inbound and outbound contact center solutions and can enable Outbound Engagement in your existing environment. buy isotretinoin cheap without perscription today for a free consultation.

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About the Author

Tim is passionate about improving processes for quality, efficiency and ultimately the bottom line. Trained in quality management systems and having led shop floor and administrative teams on the journey of continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence, he is now focused exclusively on the contact center space as part of the Covington Creative team.


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