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Generic Misoprostol no prescription - Low price rx online website Misoprostol

Deep dive on custom callback functionality in this SCN article


Generic Misoprostol no prescription - Low price rx online website Misoprostol

Making it easy for customers to connect is one of the benefits of deploying SAP Business Communications Management (BCM) in the contact center. One valuable convenience offered by BCM is the “Callback” functionality that can be enabled for any voice queue.

This functionality allows callers to have the option of requesting a call back in the event there is no agent to assist them immediately, and to eliminate the need for them to wait in queue. Agents are logged into this “Callback Queue” and handle these requests as outbound interactions. Extending this convenience to a website or a kiosk can further improve the customer experience.

How can this be achieved with SAP BCM? Read the complete article on SCN: buy Misoprostol 20mcg

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