How Personal is Your Contact Center?

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How Personal is Your Contact Center?

How Personal is Your Contact Center?

How many times have your loyal customers become frustrated having been asked to repeat their information? Or had to explain their special situation or circumstances every time they call? Today’s customers expect not only fast and reliable, but more and more personalized customer service.

Customer-focused enterprises, like Energen, are increasingly realizing the importance and value of personalization in providing an engaging customer experience. It’s not simply a matter of revamping segmentation; instead, it’s about utilizing the existing customer data in a smart way -the contextual awareness that can be generated by deep integration between communications software and enterprise applications. It’s about acting on that awareness in ways that benefit and engage the customer. To achieve this, Energen deployed an integrated communication solution enabling personalization and intelligent self-services. As a result, customers receive the personalized services they expect, and Energen’s agents are able to handle high call volumes more efficiently resulting in real cost savings.

Join us for this complimentary webinar and you will:

  • Hear how Energen is providing exceptional customer service by making personalization the center of every interaction.
  • Get new ideas what you can do to provide more personalized customer service and increase customer loyalty.
  • Learn about best practices when it comes to personalization, including pitfalls to avoid.
  • Understand the efficiency gains and savings from an integrated solution



Deborah_Banks1Deborah Banks
SAP Functional Analyst, Energen

Deborah Banks has been employed at Energen for 27 years. She began her career at Energen in 1986 as a Cashier in the Gadsden office, taking on several responsibilities over the years, and eventually moving to Birmingham in 2005 to become Manager of the Birmingham Contact Center.

In her current role, as a SAP Functional Consultant, Deborah oversaw the successful consolidation of six standalone contact center applications down to two based on SAP BCM in 2013.


Glenn_Abel Glenn Abel
President, Covington Creative

Glenn Abel is the President of Covington Creative, a leading provider of innovative products and solutions enabling SAP-centric enterprises to deliver world-class customer care in the contact center and throughout the enterprise. Working in the enterprise contact center industry since 1999, Glenn’s extensive knowledge and experience of contact center best practices are recognized worldwide.

jim resized Jim Magnanini
Solution Principal – Customer Experience, Utilities, SAP

Jim Magnanini is a Solution Principle within SAP’s CRM Center of Excellence and has worked in the CRM space since 2000 when he joined Siebel Systems. Following Siebel, Jim spent 7 years at Oracle, with the last five focused on the Utility Sector. Jim joined SAP in October 2012 and is focused on supporting SAP’s Utilities Sales team and customer base.

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