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Misoprostol online no prescription 200 mcg, Buy Misoprostol no prescription

Seattle, WA – June 27, 2013 – Covington Creative LLC today announced it has formed a partnership with itelligence, under the SAP® Extended Business Member Program, to help customers efficiently manage contact center operations. An SAP services partner with deep expertise in the implementation of the SAP® Business Communications Management software, Covington Creative will work with itelligence to provide customers with the SAP Business Communications Management Solution, which helps organizations improve customer service, utilize contact center operations in real time, and lower total cost of ownership.

“By teaming up with Covington Creative through SAP’s Extend Business Member Program, our customers will benefit from the specialized contact center expertise of a trusted, highly-skilled partner,” said Steve Niesman, President and CEO, itelligence U.S. “As a recognized expert in SAP Business Communications Management, Covington will help our customers realize immediate results in their contact centers to effectively address their unique short- and long-term customer service and satisfaction objectives.”

SAP Business Communications Management software provides Voice-over-IP and a software-based contact center suite with rich, multichannel inbound and outbound communication tools, IVR capabilities, and call recording functionality. The software provides unified queuing, prioritizing, and routing of all inbound messages, which also includes contact by telephone, e- mail, fax, voice mail, text, chat, and the Web, in addition to intelligent contact routing that connects customers with the employees who can best address their needs, no matter where they are.
“At Covington, we are focused on working closely with SAP and established industry leaders like itelligence to be an expert source in consulting and innovation throughout North America for SAP Business Communications Management,” said Glenn Abel, President, Covington Creative. “Through this partnership we are able to bring our expertise in multi-channel contact centers to complement itelligence’s extensive SAP services and customer network.”

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Glenn Abel is a leading authority on Contact Centers.


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