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Free up valuable IT resources with confidence that your SAP Contact Center (CCtr, formerly BCM) is in expert hands. Covington Creative is the world-wide trusted provider of application managed services for single site and global deployments of SAP CCtr.

Buy Misoprostol online with no prescription, Misoprostol fedex

Buy Misoprostol online with no prescription, Misoprostol fedex

ant to keep your IT staff focused on supporting strategic business applications? Covington Creative offers a selection of Application Managed Services (AMS) subscription packages to ensure your SAP Contact Center (CCtr, formerly BCM) runs smoothly and is up to date with business changes.

All packages include 24x7x365 Break-Fix Support and a monthly bundle of hours for incident response or system changes. System changes may include configuration changes (adds/edits/deletes) of queues, skills, users, permissions, IVR modifications, schedule and prompt changes, call routing modifications, and more.

Our SAP certified experts are accessible to assist with issue resolution or advice via phone, e-mail, or chat. Let us do what we do best so your team can be their best.

With AMS from Covington Creative, you’re in good hands.

Covington Creative is trusted globally and continues to hold the longest running AMS contract in North America for SAP Contact Center (formerly BCM). Enjoy peace of mind knowing your SAP contact center is in good hands, too.

Expert Assistance

  • Responsive attention to production issues
  • Our SAP certified BCM experts are accessible to assist with issue resolution or advice via phone, e-mail, or chat
  • Keep your IT staff focused on supporting strategic business applications

Reporting and Alerts

  • Custom Reports on CCtr health summary delivered to your inbox hourly or daily
  • Pro-active notification and escalation of dangerous or suspicious conditions
  • Monthly activity reports allow you to see the value delivered by Covington Creative
  • Document software and hardware changes


  • Monitoring of SAP CCtr (processes, log files, event entries, snmp, sql jobs, etc.)
  • SAP CCtr log archival
  • TFTP server maintenance (as applicable)
  • Installation of CCtr service packs and hotfixes. (Upgrades scoped separately)
  • CCtr issue resolution – functional, desktop, technical
  • CCtr-CRM integration issue identification / resolution (assist SAP team)


  • Recommend service packs, patches, and hotfixes current as per company policy and SAP CCtr needs
  • Assistance configuring server event log monitoring and system alerts
  • Assistance configuring SQL server management


  • Confirm that antispyware/virus updates have occurred
  • Permissions and file system management
  • Review of CCtr security roles and permissions setup
  • Notification of security vulnerability reports and associated hotfixes

Voice Network

  • Assistance configuring monitoring of voice network (bandwidth/packet loss/jitter/QOS, etc.)
  • Voice gateway issue resolution
  • Analog gateway issue resolution
  • Client requested investigation


  • Check router and syslog files as needed
  • Assistance with Performance monitoring / capacity planning
  • AAssistance with SNMP monitoring of all SNMP capable devices
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